Michael is the eldest archangel, which makes him the oldest angel in creation. He was made Viceroy of Heaven in God's absence. He commanded the Heavenly Host (God's Army of Angels) before he fell with Lucifer in The Cage.

As the highest-ranking archangel, he issued the commands, which went to the higher ranking angels to disperse the orders down across the angelic chain.

During the War In Heaven in the distant past, Michael banished Lucifer from Heaven on God's command, later restricting him to a Cage bound by The 66 Seals.


Being a general, Michael isn't used to normal interactions so don't be offended if all he talks about is fighting. He's pretty much got a one track mind.


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Adam has to resist the urge to grin against the skin of Michael’s neck. Gotcha. Thank Chuck for hormones. Gotta love ‘em.

“Well, that depends,” Adam says slowly, weighing his options as he kisses Michael’s neck again for good measure. “I mean, obviously you’re gonna have an awesome time here—” his tone is lighthearted, teasing, “—so you’ve got that going for you. And when we get back, we can do whatever you want. Be lazy, watch a movie, attempt to cook some sort of romantic meal…do some more of this—” he demonstrates by nipping at a sensitive spot near Michael’s collarbone, “—if that’s what you want.”

For all his teasing though, Adam’s serious. Aside from leaving the fair now, he’s up for whatever Michael wants to do. ‘Humanity: day one’ was all about him. 

Michael moves his head, kissing the side of Adam’s face before wiggling away and standing up, using the back of the chair to cover the front of him. He wants to contuine being close to Adam but if he keeps it up, he’s not sure where they’ll end up - and of all places, doing that in public wasn’t smart.

Especially since they just fought off homophobic men. The last thing they wanted was to draw more attention to themselves and get surrounded by different people.

"….Fine. But only two hours. But we are calling one of my brothers if you get dizzy at any point.”

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Adam makes a face at both of Michael’s suggestions. “No and no. We’re not gonna call anybody. I’ll be fine as long as we take it easy like she said. No roller coasters or high speed rides or fights in the parking lot anymore,” he jokes. 

He sits up a little bit straighter and surveys Michael’s face quickly, seeing how impassive and nonplussed he is with Adam’s constant begging to stay. For a split second, Adam’s lost on what to try next to convince his boyfriend to stay at the fair, when suddenly a wicked idea comes to mind and he tries his best not to grin and give it away. Honestly, as bad as Adam feels that Michael doesn’t have his grace, having him as a human susceptible to normal human reactions might just work in his favor right now. 

Adam moves in towards Michael and kisses him on the jaw, slowly running his lips up and to his earlobe where he murmurs, “Come on, Mike. Just for another hour or two, at least.” He nibbles on the earlobe a little before adding, “And if you think I still need rest after that, I promise, we can leave.” He kisses his way slowly down the length of Michael’s neck, lightly nipping the skin at random intervals before making his way back up to Michael’s ear. “Come on. Just two more hours.”

It’s a good thing there’s nothing behind Adam but the tent curtain, otherwise this angle would provide any passerby with a nice bit of PDA, but even if there was a wide open space, Adam wouldn’t have cared. 

Michael’s body goes stiff and he lets out tiny gasps of air with each kiss, especially when the nipping started and Michael’s hands wander to Adam’s hip, grabbing onto them and sighing under Adam’s lips.

He doesn’t want it to stop, because all day has been something like this on and off and it keeps getting Michael somewhat riled up. It was at the point he was going to lose self control, especially now that everything is different for him because of the human curse.

"If I do agree to stay for two hours… what do I get out of return?"

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Adam isn’t able to fall asleep completely, but he’s drifting between the boundaries of wakefulness and a really light nap (possibly even lucid dreaming) when he hears the nurse’s voice ask, “It’s been five minutes. How’re you feeling?”

Adam forces his eyes open and glances up at the nurse as she looks down on him curled up against Michael’s leg. He blinks once, slowly, not giving a damn how silly he might look at the moment. “Better,” he says, and it’s the truth. His head feels normal and when he turns his neck to face the other direction there’s no woozy feeling, no rush of nausea. His nose is still a little sore and his chest will probably bruise from where he was first shoved, but at least his head injury wasn’t serious.

He turns back to face the nurse and smiles. “Yeah, definitely better. There’s a huge difference.”

She grins. “Well I’m glad to hear that. Now, you need to take it easy for the rest of the day, all right? Maybe even until tomorrow. Have your friend here drive you home, don’t try and drive yourself because you never know what’ll happen if you’re behind the wheel too soon.”

They both thank her and with a little wave and a smile, she leaves to go help someone who looks like they’re suffering from motion sickness. Adam sits up carefully on his elbows and says, “Well, seeing as you can’t drive either, looks like we’re stuck here. Darn,” he adds with mock disappointment before leaning up on his hands and kissing Michael. “Come on, I’ll take it easy, I promise. We’ll find something really mellow to do, like the Ferris wheel or the observation tower they set up.” He wraps one hand around the back of Michael’s neck and kisses him again slowly. “Please?”

When she leaves, Michael turns to narrow his eyes and give Adam a deadpan look, not budging with his decision  “But the nurse told you to go home. So, we will have to find a different way back. If I cannot call Gabriel then I will call Lucifer.” Really, that was the last thing Michael wanted to do but if it meant getting Adam back in doors then so be it, he’ll suck up the pride he has. Maybe.

Or maybe Adam will see how serious Michael is about this and he doesn’t even budge when the human kisses him. “Or you can call Sam.”

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“Don’t call Gabriel,” Adam protests as Michael finishes cleaning the blood off his face. “I’m fine, really. It hasn’t even been two minutes yet.” He wiggles his nose again to clear the airway and sniffles a bit to test it out. “I’ll stop moving my head around so much, I promise. Let’s just stay.”

He reaches out with his hand and rests it on Michael’s thigh before slipping a finger under his shirt and tracing a pattern across the skin above his hip. “You’re really warm,” he mumbles before shifting closer to him.

With the way Michael’s sitting, Adam manages to press himself against his leg and nuzzle up against it, resting his forehead against the side of Michael’s leg. He takes his hand out from under Michael’s shirt and instead starts playing with a loose string on his jeans, concentrating hard on identifying the frayed bits as he tries to reassemble his brain. He soon gets bored with the string and rests his hand on top of Michael’s leg instead, breathing evenly and deeply.

As he does so, the pounding in his head lessens and the dizziness is beginning to go away. He presses himself closer to Michael and shuts his eyes for a little, deeming it safe now that he’s already feeling better.

Michael lets out a light chuckle as he watches Adam literally deage next to him. It was something he expected from a five year old child and here Adam was, next to him and acting it out. Michael drags his fingers lightly down the side of Adam’s face, smiling down at him. It was strange how everything shifted from a bit of tension to something peaceful.

Which caused Michael to want to leave even more than before. He wanted to preserve this peacefulness they were just granted and there was still the chance of running into the group of idiots.

Michael opened his mouth to say something but slowly closed it, realizing that if he let Adam sleep then it’d be easier to leave without Adam objecting every five seconds.

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Adam feebly shrugs one shoulder and gives Michael a meek smile as he wiggles his nose, feeling the unfamiliar stickiness of the bandaid. “Sorry. I didn’t wanna worry you too much. And, I mean, it really wasn’t a big deal—” he’s still trying to downplay the extent of his injury, “—since I didn’t pass out or anything. And I still remembered the date, so no amnesia. Like she said, I’m just dizzy, but even that’s wearing off now.”

He laces his long fingers with Michael’s and frowns a bit as he processes the next thing Michael had said. His brain is still attempting to function at a normal pace. “No, we’re not heading back. I’ll be fine in a while, the nurse said so. We’ll just lay off the rides for an hour or two.”

Adam knows the fair will still be here the entire week but he’s determined to finish the day, damnit. He’s not about to let a group of homophobic jerk-offs ruin it for them. 

His nose starts to itch as the blood dries and he reaches to try and scratch at it. As he does so, little dark red flakes fall off and Adam looks around for a tissue. He spots a small wet towel sitting on the same table where Michael had gotten the bandage and lifts his head slightly to point at it. “D’you mind grabbing that for me? Gonna try and clean myself off a bit.” 

Lifting his head took a lot of effort and he collapses back down with a grunt and a sigh after he’s done speaking.

"Adam. I am used to healing even the slightest cut. Because that’s gone, I’m going to concern myself with every injury since your race is so fragile." Michael ghosts his finger all across Adam’s hairline, following it down to his ear and tracing the shell of it. "I have seen the tiniest break to the neck kill your kind. Everything is a serious case but you don’t see that since you’ve adapted."

Michael brings Adam’s hand up to his lips, kissing the middle knuckle ever so gently, “I would feel more comfortable if you went home to rest some more.” Letting Adam’s  hand slide out of his, Michael gets back up and grabs the towel then sitting at the very edge of the cot, he cleans the blood off.

"You can’t even sit up. I will call Gabriel and have him pick us up."

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Though the ride is fairly short, it’s one of the most uncomfortable Adam’s ever been on and he’s convinced that they hit every possible bump in the road on the way to the first aid tent. Adam groans a bit and curls into Michael’s side as he tries to fend off a new sensation: nausea. Luckily it passes by the time the guard rolls the cart to a stop at the first aid tent, clearly labeled with the signature red and white cross on top. Adam sighs in relief as he spots a cot and suddenly he wants nothing more than to lie down.

With Michael’s help keeping him balanced, Adam stands and starts to make his way over to the tent, but not before giving the guard a halfhearted little wave. The guard returns it just as enthusiastically (read: not really at all) before driving off.

A middle-aged woman with a pen stuck behind her ear greets them with an initial smile, but it slips when she sees the blood on Adam’s face. “What on Earth happened here?”

“Fell,” Adam lies smoothly. At least the conniving part of his brain still works properly. “Hit my head. Concussion, I think…” 

The woman directs Michael to lead him over to the empty cot. Adam lowers himself down carefully into a sitting position but doesn’t let go of Michael, merely moves his grip from his shoulder down to his hand, as though using him as his anchor to reality. The woman uses a pen light to check his eyes (normal pupils, thankfully) and she checks his pulse amongst other routine things before she asks, “What day of the week is it?”

“Uh…” Adam licks his dry lips. “Tuesday the twenty-second, right?”

She nods. “Good, your memory’s intact.” She straightens up and gives them both a smile. “Very minor concussion. Mostly you’re experiencing dizziness and slight nausea, am I right?” When Adam nods, she moves to grab two pillow from under the cot and she places them under Adam’s feet, propping them up so his feet are resting higher than his head. “This’ll help the blood flow back to your head and fight off the dizziness. Lie and rest easy for a while. I’ll come back to check on you soon.” She pulls up a chair for Michael and indicates to it with a smile. “You can sit with him, if you like.”

She shuffles away to attend to someone else in another cot and Adam sighs, still holding onto Michael’s hand. “Thank you. Again. I know this probably isn’t fun for you…” He trails off and grits his teeth. “I hope those assholes get what’s coming to them. I don’t think we did enough damage.” He may have a head injury but the anger is still there, fresh and raw.

When the nurse leaves, Michael gives a pouty glare to Adam. “I knew you lied. You knew exactly what was wrong with you and you lied.” He sighs, “Don’t. Do that again. I cannot heal you so I’m going to worry about you, Adam. I would prefer it if you told me the truth and not tried to cover it up.”

He leans over to put a hand on Adam’s forehead, patting his hair before slipping his hand out of Adam’s and wanders over to a table to grab a bandaid and returns, leaning back over Adam and putting said bandage on Adam’s bloody nose.

Michael kisses the nose and sits back down.

"Don’t worry. They will." He’s made another mental note. Teach those humans a lesson when everything is back to normal. He will get them to fear him, to apologize to Adam, to never to do that again but he needs his grace back in order to do that. Everything he wanted, he had to wait for his grace. Michael is starting to realize how heavily he relies on it to just fuction.

"I don’t mind if this isn’t fun. As long as you are all right, that’s all I care about." He grabs Adam’s hand again and rests it in his own lap. "I also think we should head back once you’re starting to feel better."

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Adam half chuckles. “I’m thanking you because you saved me, you clueless nut.” He gives Michael a squeeze, but when he hears the word ‘doctor’ he blanches and pulls away slightly. “No. No doctor. I’ll be fine…” He trails off, biting his bottom lip as he reassesses the way his head feels. Still pounding painfully. Awesome.

He wracks his confused brain for a moment, trying to come up with a game plan, when he remembers: “First aid tent. There’s…there’s always a first aid tent at these places. I can rest there.” This way both of them were satisfied - Adam would be taken care of, and they’d still be at the fair and able to explore more afterwards.

Problem was, he had no idea where the tent would be. He was pretty sure these fairs didn’t have maps of the grounds and he couldn’t very well go wandering around in this state.

He then spies the security guard standing a few yards away and weakly motions to him with one arm. “Security guard would know. Should ask him…where it is.” He tries nodding but doing so only makes his head feel worse and he leans forward again into Michael’s chest.

Michael isn’t completely sure he wants to leave Adam alone, even for a second. In this state, he wants to watch over him but he also wants to help him. He’s been noticing how Adam reacts to certain movements and he’s afraid to make Adam get up but even once they find the area in question, they’re going to have to walk over there.

Breathing deeply, Michael kisses Adam’s forehead then stands up and bends over to try and heft the smaller human up. “Come on…” He mutters, trying to do it slowly but swiftly.

One he gets Adam on his feet, he shifts to put Adam’s arm around his shoulder and then Michael takes his hand to wrap around Adam’s waist and waddles the both of them over towards the security guard. It’s a small and quick walk but there’s something in the back of Michael’s head that’s telling him to talk to the human to keep his focus on something.

"See, you have a bit of Winchester in you." He points out to Adam. "You didn’t run and you had a smart mouth. You almost reminded me of a smaller version of Dean."

He keeps rubbing Adam’s back as they walk towards the security. Michael mumbled a ‘hold on one moment’ to Adam and turns to the rent-a-cop. “Can you point me towards the first aid tent?”

The rent-a-cop raises an eyebrow at Michael and looks over at Adam as he finishes up a slice of greasy pizza he got from one of the stands. “What’s up with the kid?” He points at Adam with said pizza.

"That is none of your concern." Michael said flat, pushing Adam closer to his side, "I would just like to know where the tent is."

The guard just shrugs his shoulders and points Michael towards a small cart on wheels. “C’mon, I’ll take you there.” He grumbled, apparently really wanting to eat his pizza over helping civvies. But if he doesn’t help them, there’s that chance they’ll complain to his boss and then there won’t be that promotion.

Michael follows the guard then helps Adam into the back, “Please don’t fall out while the vehicle is in motion.” There’s no doors so Michael is concerned that since Adam is ‘woozy’ that he might just tumble right on out of the cart.

"Uhm, never mind—." He climbs in next to Adam in the back, wrapping his arm around him again and letting him use his shoulder as a pillow for the moment while the cop took them to the tent.

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“Yeah, I wasn’t having too much fun with it either…” Adam tries to joke, but another wave of dizziness stops him from saying anything further and he takes a deep breath as it passes as suddenly as it came. 

He leans into Michael’s touch on his face; it’s comforting and warm and something he needs right now, so when he tilts his head to press closer to Michael’s hands, his eyes start instinctively closing. He quickly forces them back open, again reminding himself of how bad of an idea that was.

Adam reads the concerned look on Michael’s face and tries to play it off. “‘M fine. Just a little woozy.” But the bloody nose and the fact that he hit his head against his truck aren’t exactly helping each other, and another dizzying wave hits with such force that he slumps forward and presses his forehead against Michael’s, sighing deeply. 

Just a minute or two, that’s all he needs and then this’ll pass and they can get on with their day. Right? Ugh. Adam mentally kicks himself for egging on those three assholes, but honestly, who did they think they were? He’d never had to experience that kind of reaction from anyone before, and so he hadn’t been expecting it. His bravado got in the way and look where that got him. Plus, he’d been furious. He’d just wanted to give Michael a good first day of humanity and then Adam had to go and get cornered by three of the biggest dicks in town…

Too weak to verbally apologize (though that’s what he wanted to do profusely) Adam slides forward until he’s off the bench and he lands on his knees in the grass in front of Michael. He wraps both arms around Michael’s neck and squeezes him close, angling his head so he doesn’t get blood on Michael’s white shirt. He feebly sags into Michael as he hugs him and manages to mumble at least a “Thank you…” before he runs out of breath, a lump hitched in his throat.

The worrying only increases and Michael thinks that maybe they should go to the hospital. That’s what humans use when they need treatment, yes? He couldn’t heal and he wasn’t going to disturb his brothers and give them all a reason to stick their noses in his business so a doctor was the next option.

"You’re lying. Your nose is bleeding. You’re far from being fine. Which makes me wonder what else is wrong."

He tries to get a better look at Adam again but this time he’s nuzzling into him and Michael starts rubbing soothing circles into Adam’s back. “I don’t know why you’re thanking me… We should maybe leave. You seem like you need rest. Or a doctor.”

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Adam stumbles along after Michael as he drags him away; his head is pounding like its got a heartbeat of its own and everything seems to be moving slower than usual. Shit. He hopes he’s not having a concussion, though he didn’t think he’d hit his head too hard. Still, he was having a hard time focusing on what was going on.

Even when Michael stopped walking to mop up some of Adam’s blood with his jacket, Adam barely felt the fabric making contact with his skin. He tries zeroing in on Michael’s eyes when he looks at him, and while normally that’s not a hard thing to do, he’s having trouble with it. 

You stupid ass, his inner voice snaps, You have a minor concussion. Good job.

At least his med. school training voice was able to diagnose him, albeit with attitude.

“No, they didn’t,” Adam struggles to say. He doesn’t really count the initial shove as an attack. More like a half-assed threat. He can feel his eyes unfocus and refocus on Michael as he leans forward to steady himself with a tight grip on Michael’s shoulders. “Just…give me a minute or two. I need to sit down…”

Somehow he’s able to identify an empty bench behind him and he half stumbles, half collapsed into the seat, leaning back with a sigh of relief and his head tilted slightly up. He wants to close his eyes but fights the urge, knowing that if he does so in this state, he could very well pass out. Instead he blinks hard, trying to fight off the dizziness as he looks up at Michael standing in front of him. 

He knows the seriousness of what they’d just been through, but he tries to make light of the situation, not wanting Michael to dwell on it too much. He didn’t want this to taint the rest of their day together. Plus, he’s trying to draw attention away from the fact that he’s fighting off a concussion. “Some adrenaline rush, huh?” he asks with a crooked grin.

"Yeah, okay…" He mumbles, helping Adam sit down. The worry he begins to experience drowns out the bit of guilt he’s feeling and he kneels down in front of Adam, grabbing both of his hands and looking at his face.

There’s a dazed look in Adam’s eyes, like he isn’t fully there, like there’s something wrong but Michael can’t pinpoint what. Michael cups both sides of Adam’s face and looks him in the eye, noting that the pupils seemed normal, they were both the same size so whatever it was, it wasn’t a huge problem.

But he still seemed out of it. Maybe he was loosing too much blood. “I think this is the first time today I am grateful to be human. I did not like how they were handling you…” he runs his thumb over Adam’s cheek bone before sighing, trying to figure out it if he should ask Adam if he’s all right or not. 

The positive side to being an angel is that Michael could heal when ever he wanted, so he could heal Adam even if he didn’t need to be healed. But, that small bit of happiness that he didn’t smite a human was gone and he was back to hating his current situation.

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When Michael punches the third guy and he releases his chokehold on Adam, he slumps onto his knees and tries getting his breath back. Unfortunately, while Michael’s busy threatening the boy he’d just pulled off Adam, the second guy he’d just thrown into the ground is already recovered and he turns quickly to slam Adam back against the truck with his forearm.

This time the back of Adam’s head smacks into the metal and he’s disoriented for a bit, seeing double of everything, including the fist that’s aiming for his face. Without really thinking, Adam grabs a handful of dirt and pebbles and throws it in the guy’s face. The attacker yelps and, temporarily blinded, the punch barely glances Adam’s nose, but he still feels something inside it move the wrong way and he sniffles a bit as blood begins to trickle down onto his lips and chin. He kicks out with one foot, catches his attacker in the chest, and the guy falls backwards, rubbing his fists into his eyes as he tries to get the dirt out. 

“Fuck’s sake, are you guys really this bored?” Adam snaps as he uses the back of his hand to wipe some of the blood away.

He kicks more dirt at the guy he’s already just blinded and winded before he puts his hands behind him and braces himself against his truck before lifting himself off the ground. A dizzy spell washes over him again and he sags against the truck, legs partially buckled, but he’s able to see as the guy Michael’s got a death-grip on tries to swing a halfhearted punch at Michael.

These assholes really don’t give up.

"They must be." Michael’s able to avoid the punch and counterattacks it then slams the idiot into the car next to Adam’s. When the man slides down, Michael aims a quick kick to the ribs. If he still had his wings, this would be the point where they’re flared out. It was another small aspect of his wings that he missed, just hearing the flutter of them—

No, not a time to think about them.

Of all things, Michael personally wants to avoid causing more harm than necessary to his Father’s creation. He had only accepted half the population’s death because it would be the end of Lucifer and their race would be able to keep living on. But this was different.

He didn’t want his father to tell him Michael disappointed him either.

So when all three guys are wrapped up, Michael wastes no time grabbing Adam by the jacket and yanking him away, taking quick and large steps to get away from them.

It was a cowardly thing for him to do but his Father wanted Michael to do something that wasn’t the obvious reaction, the out of character thing to do. And that’s what Michael did. The general was going to be a coward just this once.

When they’re back into the grassy field where the fair was at and close to a security guard, Michael stops them and shrugs off his jacket, using the bottom of it to wipe away the blood on Adam’s nose. “Are you okay? They didn’t harm you before I showed up, did they?” He asks, lowering the jean jacket to look Adam in the eyes.

Well, this was a fun way to spend the day. A fight with a group of humans. Wait until Lucifer found out, he’d probably never hear the end of it. But that’s not his concern right now, his concern is Adam.

He never thought that their relationship would cause this sort of disturbance. He never really thought he’d bring Adam some sort of trouble. He didn’t want to be a cause of Adam’s pain again. Even though he didn’t set the group of men on Adam, it still didn’t change the fact that Adam was with him and if they weren’t together, he wouldn’t have been jumped. This was the third time.

Michael was starting to wonder if he’d always bring about negative feelings about this human.

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